The company relies on the production in Europe.

Since at least the move into the new company building in Eppertshausen near Frankfurt am Main, the family company Jacobs GmbH has made it very clear how much it is driven by issues of ecology and sustainability. Of course, this has an effect on the leather collection.
At Jacobs GmbH in Eppertshausen – situated in the heart of the Rhein-Main metropolitan area – they attach importance to sustainability. As a traditional family company they act in harmony with humans, animals and environment. That starts already with the grey goods: The hides come exclusively from developed economies. The complete production is carried out in Europe – almost exclusively in Italy. The main priority is here to apply the newest tanning and finishing methods in order to preserve resources and to protect the environment. Due to a constant control of the production on-site, a continuously inspected production process is secured concerning the mode of operation and harmful substances.

Of course, all leathers of the programme of Jacobs GmbH correspond to the newest international standards, like for example REACH or PROP 65  and will be tested regularly according to international customer demands. Thus, for example, the limit values of CADS are met which are far below the legal maximum values.

After the move of the company to Eppertshausen, they have set standards with the new company head office from an ecological point of view. The complete building is heated by an innovative wood pellet heating unit. The complete lighting is carried out by energy-saving LEDs which are regulated by motion sensors and light sensors. In addition, the building has windows with a high k-value as a result of which about 18,000 tons of carbon dioxide can be saved annually compared to a comparable new building. The roof greening and the natural meadow as an ecological compensation area complete the approach.

Jacobs GmbH has a wide range to offer to the customers who attach great importance to perfect and clean leathers: Leathers with resource-optimized mineral tanning (Chromium III) according to the newest standard resp. CADS standard, chromium-free tanned leathers (FOC), vegetable leathers (VEG), metal-free leathers (FOM). Recycled products, like for example leather fibre natural and finished, complete the range.

With the kind approval of the magazine Pro Leder, the leading journal in Germany in the field of leather.