Production Process

Our complete rawmaterial come exclusively from developed economies. The production is made in Europe, almost exclusively in Italy. A controlled production process regarding social standards, health and safety measures and environmental protection is a matter of course for us.

We produce exclusively cowhide leather. Here, different tanning processes are applied. Our main tanning is the mineral tanning. Moreover,we use synthetic tanning as well as different vegetal tannings. The tannings are partially combined. Beyond that chromium-free (FOC) and metal-free (FOM) tannings are applied.

Worldwide, only about 0.2 per cent of the leather is processed with aniline (without finishing). Our goods are finished in various ways. Fashionable aspects as well as aspects of the cutting waste optimisation are here integrated. And certain technical properties, such as color abrasion, lightfastness, can be realized without finishing. Here, we meet the requests and requirements of our customers and their particular product requirements so that we can develop the optimum combination for every customer and every product.

Due to our comprehensive and almost unlimited possibilities we are only obliged to their demands. We are pleased to give you advise and place our comprehensive expertise and long-term experience at your disposal.

Our finishings:

  • Crust

  • Anilin

  • Semianilin (light finishing)

  • Oiled

  • Nubuck effect

  • Classically pigmented

  • PU – finishing

  • Laminate finishing (metallic finishing)

  • Perla (metallic shine)

  • Glossy foils

  • Sequins

  • Prints

  • Digital print (Plotter)

  • Embossings