Actual information

29. April 2020|

1. Material for mouth and nose masks: Respirator Single WR 50Fleece with high micro-particle repellence from European (Italian) productionSpecially developed for filtrationImproved breathability compared to conventional cotton fabrics, especially at [...]

Information about the company Jacobs and Corona

3. April 2020|

We are, as always, at your service during our normal opening hours and sometimes beyond. We are technically set up in such a way that all employees can be reached [...]

Ecology is a top priority at Jacobs

30. November 2019|

The company relies on the production in Europe. Since at least the move into the new company building in Eppertshausen near Frankfurt am Main, the family company Jacobs GmbH has [...]

Jacobs develops a new champagne refining

25. September 2019|

Jacobs GmbH with its head office in Eppertshausen near Frankfurt am Main has developed exclusively a new champagne refining that is used during the tanning procedure. The new type of [...]

Sustainability of our leather

18. July 2019|

Jacobs leather – a recycled product The demand for meat and thus the worldwide animal husbandry is constantly increasing. The consequence is that more and more hides accrue as a [...]

The company Jacobs with an innovation: Cow stretch leather

19. June 2019|

Article in PRO-LEDER – Issue 3/2019 With kind permission of the magazine about leather: The leading leathermagazin in the german speaking area. Currently, the company Jacobs GmbH has presented [...]