Quality assurance means for us a holistic approach. That starts with the development of the articles. Regular controls provide the compliance with the high expectations that we have of our products.

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We produce our leather in harmony with humans, animals and environment. Our main priority is here to apply the newest tanning and finishing methods in order to preserve resources and to protect our environment.

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29. April 2020|

1. Material for mouth and nose masks: Respirator Single WR 50Fleece with high micro-particle repellence from European (Italian) productionSpecially developed for filtrationImproved breathability compared to conventional cotton fabrics, especially at [...]

Information about the company Jacobs and Corona

3. April 2020|

We are, as always, at your service during our normal opening hours and sometimes beyond. We are technically set up in such a way that all employees can be reached [...]

Ecology is a top priority at Jacobs

30. November 2019|

The company relies on the production in Europe. Since at least the move into the new company building in Eppertshausen near Frankfurt am Main, the family company Jacobs GmbH has [...]