We attach importance to sustainability and we produce in Europe. As a traditional family business we act in harmony with humans, animals and environment. Our complete grey goods come exclusively from developed economies. Our complete production is carried out in Europe, almost exclusively in Italy. Our main priority is here to apply the newest tanning and finishing methods in order to preserve resources and to protect our environment. Thus, a controlled production process regarding the mode of operation and harmful substances is given.

All leathers correspond to the newest standard of the REACH regulation, the azo dye regulation, and are free of chromium VI. Moreover, our requirements partly fall below the appropriate current German and European limit values and regulations.

We have set standards with our new company head office in the heart of the Rhein-Main metropolitan area.
The complete building is heated by an innovative wood pellet heating unit. The complete lighting is carried out by energy-saving LEDs which are regulated by motion sensors and light sensors. In addition, the building has windows with a high k-value as a result of which about 18,000 tons of carbon dioxide can be saved annually compared to a comparable new building. The roof greening and the natural meadow as an ecological compensation area complete the approach.