Metal-free tanned velour

2017-09-06T15:22:04+02:004. April 2017|

Technology is advancing and the first metal-free tanned velours are in the programme. We would like to exchange views with you if required.

Chromium-free tanned leather

2017-09-06T15:18:15+02:006. December 2016|

After the sample phase we have now started the production of chromium-free tanned velour. The goods have turned out really nice. As a result, we can deliver now also chromium-free tanned velour after the chromium-free tanned full-grain leather. Please contact [...]

Jacobs GmbH continues the course for growth after the construction of the new company head office in the Rhein-Main area and the move to Eppertshausen

2018-08-18T11:22:51+02:0022. September 2016|

Article in PRO-LEDER - Issue 9/2016 With kind permission of the magazine about leather: The leading leathermagazin in the german speaking area. Italian fashion with German thoroughness: this business concept of Jacobs GmbH was originally well received, especially in [...]


2018-08-18T11:29:26+02:002. June 2015|

BUSINESS PROFILEPREMIUM Italy is well known for its outstanding design and fashion creations. Germany is acknowledged for its thoroughness and efficiency. Jacobs GmbH, based in the Hessian town of Eppertshausen, manages to combine the best of both worlds. Specializing in [...]

Jacobs GmbH starts the biggest investment up to now

2017-09-03T00:25:59+02:0014. February 2014|

Article in PRO-LEDER - Issue 2/2014 With kind permission of the magazine about leather: After a long period of planning the Jacobs GmbH is going to build a new company-building this spring. The contract was signed at the end [...]

Jacobs GmbH with top-rating index

2017-09-03T00:19:34+02:0015. May 2012|

Article in PRO-LEDER - Issue 3/2012 With kind permission of the magazine about leather: The Jacobs GmbH is estimated to belong to the 3.3 percent of the healthiest companies in Germany; this special award of Hoppenstedt credit information was [...]

Jacobs GmbH anew with strong sales growth

2017-09-03T00:08:49+02:0025. March 2012|

Article in PRO-LEDER - Issue 2/2012 With kind permission of the magazine about leather: The Jacobs GmbH in Rödermark once again announced for 2011 high, double-digit sales growth. This is according to the company now, only interrupted by the [...]

Jacobs GmbH with the highest monthly turnover up to now

2017-09-02T23:55:17+02:0015. June 2008|

Article in PRO-LEDER - Issue 6/2008 With kind approval of the sector magazine about leather: The company Jacobs GmbH, Roedermark, achieved the biggest monthly turnover in the 45-year-old history of the company in October. CEO Michael Jacobs declared: „We [...]

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