We look forward to welcoming you to our stand at the most important leather fair Lineapelle. You can expect new digital prints on leather, metal-free leather lining and a new lining from European production, on a mineral-tanned basis in a [...]

2024-02-05T02:37:05+01:004. February 2024|

Jacobs takes big steps into the digital world

To make processes even more transparent, secure and faster, we invested a lot of time and money in the further digitalization and optimization of our processes in 2023. As a result, we are already an almost paperless office. This not [...]

2024-02-05T02:34:51+01:0015. January 2024|

Successful re-audit of LWG

We are delighted to have successfully completed the LWG re-audit. The final implementation of the LWG is currently in progress. You will soon be surprised, also officially, by the excellent result. The Leather Working Group is a non-profit organization that [...]

2024-02-05T02:30:56+01:0028. December 2023|

Successful reaudit Ecostep management system

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the re-audit of our Ecostep management system, which was introduced two years ago. Ecostep is an integrated management system specially developed for medium-sized companies which, in addition to quality management, [...]

2024-02-05T02:27:27+01:0022. October 2023|

Jacobs GmbH in third generation

On October 1st, the third generation will join Jacobs GmbH in Eppertshausen. After studying economics, Sofie Müller initially worked in various companies and positions, most recently in a managerial position in the finish department of a larger tannery group. After [...]

2022-09-22T03:01:57+02:0022. September 2022|

Lineapelle in September, 2022

We look forward to the current Lineapelle, which will take place in Milan from Tuesday, September 20, 2022 to Thursday, September 22, 2022, to present our latest developments to you.

2022-09-11T04:42:31+02:0010. September 2022|

Premiere: OST Fair Cologne October 2022

We look forward to presenting our collections tailored to the orthopedic sector for the first time at the OST trade fair in Cologne, which will take place from Thursday, October 14, 2022 to Friday, October 15, 2022 in Cologne. In [...]

2022-09-11T04:37:44+02:0010. September 2022|

Lineapelle in February, 2022

We look forward to the current Lineapelle, which will take place in Milan from Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022 to Thursday, February 24th, 2022, to present our latest developments.

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