Quality assurance means for us a holistic approach. That starts with the development of the articles. Comprehensive investments in the research and development in cooperation with our production sites, institutes and laboratories guarantee the high standard that we and our customers expect from us. Thus, we are always taking part in the latest developments of the tannery technology and can pass this lead in development to you. This does not only affect the technical developments, but also the latest chemical developments.

It is therefore a logical consequence for us to offer our goods in conformity with the REACH regulation and the azo dyes and chromium IV checked, and to offer also goods which have been produced partly clearly below the legal limits (e.g. CADS). So you are already today prepared for the future with us. A controlled production process where our products are regularly controlled by our local employees at every stage of their development provides for the compliance with the high expectations that we have of our products. In order to secure and optimise this process constantly we have started to implement a quality management system.