Jacobs GmbH with its head office in Eppertshausen near Frankfurt am Main has developed exclusively a new champagne refining that is used during the tanning procedure. The new type of refining underlines the exclusiveness of the accessories manufactured thereof. The leather has an exclusive feel and a pleasant smell of “genuine leather” which is underlined by this special refining. “We are pleased that the leather has found its purpose now also with another luxury brand, the brand of Sekr√©, after it has been used for accessories of an English make of car”, says Michael Jacobs with pride.

There are scarcely put any limits to the use of this leather. In his view, you can imagine for example to make exclusive shoes from this exclusively refined leather. Every single hide is marked with the label “champagne refined”. The champagne leather is tanned, like all other leathers offered by Jacobs, in Italy, where the most modern and eco-friendly methods are used. Find more information in the Internet under https://jacobsgmbh.de/en/environment/